Light Sequence with Echos

Taking a side road, away from noise and drones for a bit, I made a sequence created with the Binary Zone and Encore UEG, plus MOTM-730 VC pulse divider.  The outputs of the BZ and the UEG are quantized by the Modcan 55B and control two MOTM-300 Ultra VCOs.  The pulse outputs of these each go to a MOTM-440 Discrete OTA Lowpass Filter and then through an Oakley ADSR/VCA.  The EGs are gated by the pulse outputs of the quantizer, so that each new pitch produces a note.   The VCAs are mixed through the Uhbik-G VST plugin, running in my Macbook Pro in Audio Mulch.  Lastly, I used the MOTM-410 Triple Resonant Filter in the effect send and return of my mixer for a further, subtle enhancement.

I used my MIDI keyboard and the MOTM-650 to introduce an interval change in one of the oscillators during the recording.  It’s a one-finger performance.


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