I like this Miniwave

I rearranged modules in one of my cabinets today to create two voice groups.  Each group contains one of MOTM-300 VCO, CGS VCO, MOTM-440 VCF, MOTM-490 VCF, Resonant Low Pass Gate, MOTM-190 Dual VCA, Oakley VC ADSR-VCA, Mattson EG-VCA, and two MOTM-800 Envelope Generators.  I patched up four voices and drove them with the CGS Infinite Melody, quantized by two Blacet Miniwaves, and duplicated by the dual CGS Analog Shift Register.  After a lot of knob fiddling (yes, it’s all in the knobs), I got this rather fun result.  The filters are the two Resonant LPG and the two MOTM-490.  I used the MOTM-730 to get some neat syncopations. I manually changed the Miniwave Wave selection from the Davidson Quantizer ROM during the recording.


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