I spent a little more time evaluating Noatikl.  For this piece I added a pair of MOTM-440 lowpass filters, each with an envelope from a MOTM-800 envelope generator.  So we have two very standard voices, each consisting of a MOTM-300 VCO, a MOTM-440 VCF, a MOTM-190 VCA, with one envelope generator on the filter CV and another on the VCA.  An Oakley ADSR/VCA is the EG on each VCA, with the input of the EG taken from the MOTM-650 Velocity output, which is also being controlled by Noatikl.  I set the MOTM-650 to Poly2.   I don’t pretend to understand all the MIDI stuff.  Finally, I added a Dual Delay from the MPX-1 Multi-effects processor.  I fiddled with Noatikl until I was satisfied with the result, at least enough to turn on the recorder.  While the result is interesting, I can’t say that it excites me as much as the wild, crazy, noisy sounds I can make, or even the drones.  The entire piece is generated under control of Noatikl without any manual intervention on my part, after kicking it off.


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