First Fourses and Sprott Patch

This is a simple patch with Ieaskul F. Mobenthey modules:  Fourses, Sprott, Swoop, and Denum.  The four outputs of Fourses go across to the four Sprott inputs.  Both Swoops are acting as LFOs and are cross-modulating each other.  One Swoop goes to CV one Fourses oscillator.  The other Swoop modulates the Sprott frequency cutoff.  Band pass out of Sprott to Left Denum VCA input, and low pass to the Rite VCA input.  We listen to the VCA Left and Rite outputs.

Kicking it around, a PulpLogic VNoise hits a Make Noise Maths slew input, producing a random slope.  The slope modulates another of the Fourses oscillator bounce input, and also the right CV input on the Denum VCA.  This slope is fully bi-polar, which is ideal for the Denum VCA, since the right output is heard when the right CV is higher than the left, and vice-versa.  If the right CV input goes negative, the left output is heard.

There is much variety to be heard from this patch.  It’s fun to play with the range switches on the Fourses.  Here are three post card recordings of this self-running patch.



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