Feedback Drone

I felt like a drone today.

Here is a self-running patch with an interesting feedback path. At the heart is the CGS Bi-N-Tic filter. An Oakley Multimix combines three sources into the Bi-N-Tic input: a sine wave from a VCO, the Bi-N-Tic’s own output, and the High Pass output of a downstream MOTM-480 filter by way of an Encore Frequency Shifter. The Bi-N-Tic input mix is also sent through two MOTM-480 filters to the outside world. The 480s have VC resonance changed by cycling Oakley ADSRs. There is a cycling Trapezoid VCA in the feedback path, too, and its envelope modulates the VCO. Three sample and holds step the FM inputs of the Bi-N-Tic and the 480 filters. I used the Rich Chorus MPX-1 preset used for post-processing. I used the Really Nice Compressors to control the peaks resulting from the feedback.


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