Eurorack Bench Supply

I reused a Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 AC supply to make a test bench power supply for Eurorack modules. The AC supply powered older Cell 90 skiff cases. It’s your basic analog design, with 7812 and 7912 regulators and an AC wall wart. Pondering how to connect the wall wart up to the board, I hit on the simplest thing that could possibly work. I cut off the barrel and crimped two Sta-Kon connectors directly to the 12 volt AC output wires. No need for a power switch. I use a switched power strip. The whole unit is mounted on a piece of plywood with rubber feet to keep it from sliding. Finally, the top side is covered with plexiglass to help prevent accidental contact with live circuitry. The plexiglass cover also secures a 10 pin power cable.  Now I can easily power up modules on my bench!

Here’s a detail.


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