Eight Low Pass Gates

I set up four similar patches, each with two of the same Low Pass Gates module, four different makes.  Each patch looks like:  S&H -> Oscillator FM; Oscillator pulse out -> LPG input; Envelope Generator -> LPG CV input; LPG output > Mixer.

Eight triggers, generated by Pithoprakta, are used to trigger the S&H that picks a new pitch for the oscillator at the same time the EG is triggered.  It’s eight-voice polyphony (but we’ll listen to two at at time).  Pithoprakta is clocked by the Ultra Random Analog, which self-modulates, creating irregular notes.

In addition, six of the envelope generators are voltage-controlled and receive CV input from the six outputs of Just Friends.

The recording listens to about one minute of each of four patches.  It’s not meant as a comparison, but more as a sampling of different low pass gate sounds.

Section One

VCO: Bugbrand SYN2A; LPG: Bugbrand PRC4; EG: Serge; S&H: Bugbrand PRC2B and Serge SSG.

Section Two

VCO: MOTM-300; LPG: Thomas White Resonant Gate; EG: OMS-820; S&H: Oakley

Section Three

VCO: Buchla 258J clone; LPG: Clee Resonant Gate; EG: J. Haible Trapezoid; S&H Oakley and MOTM

Section Four

VCO: I.F.M. Denum; LPG: Makenoise LxD top section; EG: Makenoise Maths; S&H 2hp Dual S&H


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