Drone with PB BB and Serge

Plumbutter, BugBrand, and CGS Serge all use banana jacks.  I did some serious cross-patching among the three for this little drone that uses two BugBrand VCOs, each processed with a Serge Wave Multiplier and then fed to the external inputs of the Gongue modules in Plumbutter, which act as low pass filters.  Gongues then pass through the Ultrasounds.  One of the VCOs is modulated by the Man with the Red Steam, slewed through a Serge Smooth module.  The BugBrand Noise Crusher S&H modulates the rate of one of the 3-rollz, and a Negative Slew and a USG are used to modulate the Gongue frequencies.  The Plumbutter outputs were directly recorded.  It’s self-running.



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