Detune Another Day

Or Delay>Detune MPX-1 Preset!  I like to try out different MPX-1 effects with each new patch.  Sometimes I stumble on one that seems to go quite well.  In this case it was preset 60, Delay>Detune.

This patch continues my recent stint of playing with note sequences.  I’m not enough of a control freak to like your run-of-the-mill step sequencer.  The closest things to step sequencers I’ve got are the Encore UEG, which can define an 8-step repeating sequence, and the Blacet Binary Zone, which can define a 64-step repeating sequence.  I used both of those in this recording along with four VC Oscillators, two Miniwaves, a CGS Wave Multiplier, plus MOTM-440 and 410 VC filters, and other modules.  I tried out my new FMR RNC compressors for the recording.


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