Cynthia Quad Low Pass Gates

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From the Cyndustries website:

Nothing can match the buttery soft response this circuit evokes when commanded “to dance!” by an impatient pulse or envelope.

That unique flitty, percussive, Subotnick trademark type sound can be realized with these gems because they are based on the original Buchla 292 circuitry. There are four on this panel, each with a switch to determine if there will be additional Low Pass coloring to the signal as it passes. Often a signal is best processed through two or more of the module’s channels in series.


  • Stooge panel
  • Added an op amp CV mixer to each of the 4 gates. The mixer presents a high-impedance load on the CV input.
  • Calibrated for unity gain at +5V.
  • Signal and CV jack-normalizing.

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