Cynthia Dual Sawtooth Animator

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From the Cyndustries website:

This amazing Bernie Hutchins circuit has been admired by Designers for years as a true electronic engineering marvel. It’s optimized for a sawtooth input, but any single waveform with a slope going into this thing… comes out as a super fat three-hundred pound gorilla of waveforms!

More than simply a chorus circuit, the Animator effects range from creamy lush sounds to totally wacked-out warbling, and as a bonus, there’s a cloud of front panel outputs from the eight internal LFOs that automatically track the frequency of the incoming waveform.

The audio output waveforms vary from staircase waves to multiple mountain peaks and add sophistication and raw power to your music.

Richard Brewster’s modifications:

  • Front-Panel-Express MOTM style panel
  • Attenuated the input 50% to match MOTM input level specs.
  • Used a panel jack to output the internal frequency-to-voltage converter instead of the pulse output.
  • Changed resistors to make the LFO outputs a uniform level.
  • Changed resistors to reduce the range of the LFO frequencies.

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