Clangorous Drone with Mangler Box

Recorded while patching Quantisise LFOs to control the channel levels on the Verbos Pan & Scan.   We hear the four outputs of the WMD Phase Displacement Oscillator, through the WMD QAAF filter which has its cutoff modified by Quantisise.  The special sauce starting at around 40 seconds into the recording is by FM of the PDO by the Dreamboat Chaotic VCO.  The depth of FM was changed at random times.  Also a pinch of Warps Parasite Delay.  Use headphones!

I should talk about an interesting aspect to this recording:  the changes of pitch, along what sounds like some kind of scale.  I did not intend that; it emerged as an effect of the DC offset of the signal from the Dreamboat Chaotic VCO.  The PDO was running at a fixed frequency.  It seems to step up and down, due to the offset changing, because of the varying FM depth.  It was largely due to this emergent effect that I deemed it worthy to record.



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