CGS Serge Project Begins

My current project is underway. The panel was completed today (click the image for detail), but it’s only a facade. Behind the panel it’s empty. All of the modules are based on CGS-Serge designs.

Left to right:

  • Serge Smooth and Stepped Generator
  • Serge Wave Multipliers
  • CGS Mixer
  • Serge Dual Negative Slew
  • Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator

The panel is 2U high and a standard 19-inch rack width.  It mounts directly into a rack.  It was designed with Front Panel Designer.  Here’s the file. CGS Serge Front Panel

The style of the panel is strongly influenced by BugBrand.  In fact this panel will sit just below my BugBrand rack.  Module widths are exactly the same as the BugBrand and line up nicely with it.  The color scheme matches Bugbrand, too.  Yellow jacks are for signal inputs, blue for control voltage inputs, green for outputs, and red for pulse outputs.  I departed from BB in using black banana jacks for the trigger and hold inputs.  The knobs are identical to BugBrand.

When this project is finished in a few weeks, I will post details of each module.


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