Cell 90 Case with Zeus Power

I bought a used Cell 90 case by Pittsburgh Modular.  The power supply that came with it was a simple analog supply with a 12 volt AC wall wart that powered a diode bridge rectifier to drive 7812 and 7912 three-pin regulators.  For a retrofit I found the Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio Bus.  Specs:

  • Input voltage range: +15VDC +/-10%
  • Output voltage: +12VDC -12VDC +5VDC
  • Max output current +12V: 1.3A
  • Max output current -12V: 800mA
  • Max output current +5V: 300mA
  • Output regulation of +/-12V: +/-0.05% Linear discrete design

Although the Zeus is meant to be a part of the Tiptop power system, it works quite well in this application.  I reused the existing power inlet and switch, together with a 15 volt DC wall supply I use with all my other Eurorack boxes.  The Cell 90 is a tight case and the Zeus is quite large.  So, when drilling holes to mount the Zeus, I added a couple of rows of 1/4″ holes for ventilation.  One row is under the Zeus board.


A perspective view.


No modification was needed to the power inlet, a 2.1mm barrel, or power switch.  All I had to do was to cut off the original connectors and hook to the Zeus, which has very convenient spring-loaded power connectors.  Also I added a banana jack as an additional zero volt common, because I connect all power supply commons in my system.


Because the Zeus stands on 1/4-inch spacers for ventilation, there is reduced clearance above it for modules.  All skiff-ready modules work fine.  And there is enough space at either end for up to two 6 HP width deeper modules.



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