Cell 90 Case with Intellijel Power

I upgraded a second Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 skiff case to a better power supply.  See my previous post about upgrading the same type of case with Zeus Studio Bus power.  The original was a simple analog supply with a 12 volt AC wall wart that powered a diode bridge rectifier to drive 7812 and 7912 three-pin regulators.  I used this case for the Mocante stuff.  (I’m updating the support modules. Will make a future post about it.)  The old analog supply was adequate, in terms of current, but it used an AC wall wart.  The purpose of the upgrade was not only to get a better quality supply, but to enable it to use the same Meanwell 15 volt DC wall supply GSM40B15-P1J that all of my other Euroracks use.

For this upgrade I chose the TPS30W Mini power supply from Intellijel.  It provides:

+12V output at 1.2A, -12V output at 1.2A, +5V output at 500mA

I might have used the Intellijel supply for the first upgrade, rather than the Zeus, if I had known about it at the time.  The Intellijel is smaller, but has equivalent or better current ratings.  But it has only ten power headers, whereas the Zeus has fourteen.  Again, it was simple to use the power inlet and switch from the Cell 90 case.  I also added a wire from the supply ground to a banana jack.  The hardest part of this job was drilling mounting holes in the steel case.

As you can see, there is plenty of space to either side for deeper modules.  I put the Mocante in this case, aligned to the left, and it comes all the way to the right end of the supply PC board.  So my support modules to the right can use all of the available depth.

Another benefit to this supply is direct power distribution from the PC board’s ten headers.  The old supply from Pittsburgh had only two connectors, requiring a flying bus.

See this post that shows the finished Mocante case.  I’ve changed the support modules quite a bit from the original post.







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