Catgirl Synth Infinite Melody

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From Ken Stone’s CGS website:

The name of this module is a play on its function. Put simply, it generates a series of semi-random or themed stepped control voltages, or if you prefer, white and pink control voltages. The pink function is probably better known as 1/f, and thus the name of “1l/lfinite melody”.

Assuming a 1 v/oct VCO is being driven by the module, in the 1/f mode, the size of a pitch step is inversely related to the frequency at which it will occur. In other words, the smallest steps are most common, steps twice their size occur half as often, and so on.

As well as the 1/f mode, it has a pure random mode, where no weighting is put on the selection of notes. A large step is as likely as a small one.

As well as having these two modes of operation, there are 4 CV outputs available. With the exception of the fourth, each successive output is a shifted version of the previous. In random mode, this is very much the same effect as produced by an Analog Shift Register (ASR), but in 1/f mode, it takes on a whole new feel, as each of the six shift registers involved shifts at a different rate, according to the 1/f weighting. As such, the second and third outputs are related to the first, but not identical to it. The fourth output is subject to the same shifting weighting according to the mode of operation, but instead of driving a D/A converter, it drives a bank of knobs, allowing harmonic relationships to be set up.

And if that wasn’t enough, the randomness used by this module is obtained externally, from a regular white noise generator, or other varying voltage source, allowing more structured themes to be created. The random values are loaded in series at a rate determined by an external fast clock. This can simply be a spare output of a VCO (even one in use playing melodies etc.) or it can be deliberately controlled, or slowed right down to gain even more effects. The sensitivity of the random input can also be controlled via CV, again giving more possibilities.


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