Cocoquantus FM Mod

The FM mod for Cocoquantus is done by adding five input screws, each wired to a ready-to-wire CV input pad on one of the quantussy oscillators.  I arranged the screws … Read More

Modular Tetrazzi

After I received my Ciat-Lonbarde Tetrazzi Organ, I spent a lot of time delving into its design.  I wanted to understand it as well as possible in order to be … Read More

Digital Studio

A picture of my studio in August, 2011.  Left to right across the table are the M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI controller, the Macbook Pro running Audio Mulch software with an … Read More

Small Knob Panel Group

I populated a section of one of my cabinets with all of the modules I’ve built using the small knob format.  From left to right: Mattson EG/VCA (2 modules) Mattson … Read More

Remote Manual Controllers

I came up with an idea for audience participation.  It involves handing out two or three controllers to audience members at a live concert in a close setting.  Each controller … Read More

Studio Patch 2010

I have a small collection of outboard audio hardware in my studio. Mackie 802-VLZ3 8-input mixer Lexicon MPX-1 Multi-effects processor TC Electronics Desktop Konnekt6 Firewire Interface TASCAM SS-R1 Compact Flash … Read More


Not long ago Diana and I decided to switch from Windows to Apple and we both bought Macbook Pro computers.  I do not like to use computers in my synthesizer … Read More

RCF ART 310-A Speakers

I wanted my own PA system for performances, so as not to depend on house PA systems.  So I purchased a pair of these RCF powered PA speakers.  The RCF … Read More