The Other Studio

The dining room table has been taken over by Ciat-Lonbarde stuff.  I also set up the RCF powered monitors in the room.  Combined with the Macbook Pro and the firewire … Read More


My banana cabinet is finished! It combines 5U modules, a rack of BugBrand, and my custom CGS Serge panel into one cabinet. Note the vertical alignment between the CGS Serge … Read More

CGS Serge Project Begins

My current project is underway. The panel was completed today (click the image for detail), but it’s only a facade. Behind the panel it’s empty. All of the modules are … Read More

Soldering Stations

I bought a brand new Weller WTCPT soldering station (left) to replace the old GC Supertemp (right).  The WTCPT is reputed to be one of the best temperature-controlled soldering stations.  … Read More

Allen & Heath ZED14 Mixer

I replaced the old Mackie 802-VLZ3 with an Allen & Heath ZED14. It is much larger than the Mackie, due not only to the extra channels, but also the professional … Read More

Latest Performance Cabinet

I am updating one of my portable cabinets to be able to include a BugBrand rack. The rack pictured fits right into the portable case.  It’s 3U in height.  Since … Read More

BugBrand Modular Arrival

I’ve admired the BugBrand Modular for a long time.  It’s very rare and I was lucky to score  a set of used modules.  Left to right: SYN2A Utility VCO (x2) … Read More

Dressing Plumbutter

I was adding a battery holder to my Plumbutter and decided to dress the wiring.  It’s not a necessity, but I think it’s good to twist a ground with a … Read More

Polyglot Patch Cords

The MOTM Modular is 5U with 1/4-inch phone jacks for patching. The Cocoquantus has screw heads for alligator clip patching. For patching between these I have made up some simple … Read More