Practice for Machines 4

I did a live performance at Local 604 Bottle Shop Machines 4 event.  This is a recording I made the day before while practicing.  I like the practice recording more … Read More

Ancient Fluks Music

Another excavation from cassette tapes, this is a recording of a live performance by my second band, The Fluks, from 1978.  It was the beginning of the New Wave in … Read More

Practice for house concert

I will be playing a semi-automated noise/drone at our house concert tomorrow.  Here’s a short snippet of my practice.  It’s a self-running patch with the Quantisise modulating Eurorack modules in … Read More

All-Modular House Concert Recordings

Recordings from the Brewster House Concert on November 10, 2015. Richard Brewster   Ork Haugr   Khristian Rosakruz   Walker Vincent Farrell  

Ivan Seng at August 2015 House Concert

Iven Seng brought a four-channel Supercollider composition he recently created for the August House Concert.  I set up the concert space with speakers in four corners especially for this piece.  … Read More