There is a sub-header for ‘My MOTM-style synth’.  But I wonder if I should change it.  I do have a lot of MOTM-style modules.  The main cabinets are for … Read More


After I had sussed out the Cocoquantus schematic and understood the internal relationships among the five oscillators that Peter B. calls the Quantussy section, I began to wonder what it … Read More

Plumbutters Under Construction

I’ve ordered a Plumbutter from Ciat-Lonbarde.  The photo to the left was posted by Peter Blasser on his blog.  It’s a picture of his shop, where he hand-builds his unique … Read More

Postcard recordings

In a 1958 lecture, published in Silence in 1961, John Cage said, This is a lecture on composition which is indeterminate with respect to its performance.  That composition is necessarily … Read More