New Music

Practice for Machines 4

I did a live performance at Local 604 Bottle Shop Machines 4 event.  This is a recording I made the day before while practicing.  I like the practice recording more … Read More

Q-Relative Patch

See this discussion thread on MW.  A user posted an idea called a Q-Relative cell, by which he meant relative to a Quantussy cell.  While it is not a Quantussy … Read More

New Year’s Eve Automatic Music

Automatic music created by a free-running patch, controlled by a seven cycle quantussy ring.  Loquelic Iteritas and Fourses oscillators are heard through Warps.  These three segments followed each other without … Read More


Improvised with modules arranged in new rack.  Yes, it’s Clouds into Rings! Mostly Mutable Instruments, but with a delay from Black Hole DSP.  

No Understanding

Two modules vocalizing, but they don’t seem to understand each other.  

Tromsø Generative Patch

First trials with Tromsø modules for generative (automatic music) patterns. Detail of the cables around the four Tromsø modules, the four 2hp Sample & Holds, and the Sport Modulator: It … Read More

More Generative Experiments

These two recordings were made yesterday, as I worked on the composition of another self-running (automatic music) patch.  This one uses a ring of five clocked sample and holds, inspired … Read More

Eight Low Pass Gates

I set up four similar patches, each with two of the same Low Pass Gates module, four different makes.  Each patch looks like:  S&H -> Oscillator FM; Oscillator pulse out … Read More


A rhythm experiment using Pithoprakta, the probability pulse sequencer.  Six voices are triggered off by the module.  Manual intervention a few times on the Loop button to lock in a … Read More

Audulus Quantussy

I don’t use much synthesizer software. But, upon seeing a demonstration of Audulus by Mark Boyd at a local synth club meeting, and then checking out the price ($50 US), … Read More