This is my take on the legendary Serge Smooth and Stepped Generator (SSG).  I received the SSG PC board as a compliment from Ken Stone, who designed the board.  The … Read More

CGS Serge Negative Slew

Quantity: 2 The Serge Dual Negative slew is one of my favorite 1970’s Serge modules.  Ken Stone now makes a PC board for it. The output tracks the input and … Read More

CGS Serge DC Mixer

The CGS Serge panel had room for one small module, so I added this little mixer.   The simple design provides two attenuated inputs, plus a bias offset pot with a … Read More

BugBrand SYN2B and SYN2BX

The SYN2B is a Quadrature Sine VCO.  It sports a precision 10-turn frequency dial and two FM inputs, 1V/Octave, and an attenuated FM input that is switchable between Exponential and … Read More