Mankato VCF/LFO

Quantity: 1 Description:  Magic Smoke “Mankato” Voltage Controlled Filter / Low Frequency Oscillator / Slew Limiter From the Magic Smoke website: Designed by well known synth DIY guru Thomas Henry, … Read More

Fritz Jerkster Chaos

Quantity: 1 Description: Ian Fritz’s circuit produces chaotic oscillations according to a third-order differential, or ‘jerk’, equation.  The panel, bracket, and PCB are available from Bridechamber: Fritz Jerkster Panel Three … Read More

Dual Tellun Lag Processor

Quantity: 1 Description: Dual Tellun Lag Processor in a Bridechamber panel. Tellun Project Page Bridechamber Panel Page The project is built on two MUUB-4 prototyping boards, stacked on top of … Read More

DIY Multiples

This is a panel of 32 jacks divided into two sets of 4 cascaded multiple.  

Matrix Mixer

Quantity: 1 A stereo output mixer of my own design Front-Panel-Express MOTM style panel A simple 4-IN, 2-OUT matrix mixer. Inside are two identical 4-input mixers. Each input is sent … Read More


Quantity: 2 Description: My own DIY module with Front-Panel-Express MOTM style panel that combines a mixer with two attenuated inputs, a comparator, a bias pot and an inverter. See Mixer-Comparator … Read More