Stereo Input Module

Sometimes you cannot find a PC board with just the right circuit.  This was one of those times.  I work with a lot of stereo sources, such as the Ciat-Lonbarde … Read More

Buchla Dual 281 FG

This is a DIY Buchla 281 Function Generator, built on the printed circuit board by Toppobrillo.  The discussion on Muff’s message board has the details.  It’s actually one half of … Read More

Buchla 258J VCO

Quantity 2 This is my build of the J3RK Buchla 258J VCO board, as discussed on Muff’s message board: Board thread Build and mod thread I put it into my … Read More

Jurgen Haible Trapezoid VCA

Quantity: 2 Description: The Trapezoid VCA is a DIY project from Jurgen Haible, renowned modular synthesizer engineer.  It emulates the EMS VCS3 and Synthi A Trapezoid Generator.  I am not … Read More

Dual Mixer

A 1U Dual Mixer in matrix configuration This is a DIY mixer designed to save space in a portable cabinet.  It is based on my 2U DIY Matrix Mixer.  The … Read More

Dual Plague Bearer

Plague Bearer Quantity:  2 in 1U A pair of Flight of Harmony Plague Bearers, built into this small-format 5U panel: Dual Plague Bearer These are sold in a variety of … Read More

Resonant Lopass Gate

Quantity: 2 (of course) This module is derivative of the Buchla 292c Lopass Gate.  The PC board and assembly instructions were made by Thomas White, described on his site on … Read More