Eurorack Bench Supply

I reused a Pittsburgh Modular Cell 90 AC supply to make a test bench power supply for Eurorack modules. The AC supply powered older Cell 90 skiff cases. It’s your … Read More

Second Mattson VC Mixer

Mattson VC Mixer Taking stock of all my VCA modules, I realized that while I had at least two of each type, I had built only one of George Mattson’s … Read More

Mattson VCF

Quantity 1 Here is a DIY Mattson Mini Modular VCF in a MOTM panel.  George Mattson’s description: 4-Pole, 24dB/Octave State Variable Filter jointly designed by Synth DIY guru Jim Patchell … Read More

Mattson 4-Channel Gate Delay

Quantity: 0 George Mattson’s description: The 4-Channel gate delay provides four independent gate outputs that are delayed based on the user-controlled time setting after the initial trigger event. The input … Read More

Mattson Quad AD/ASR Envelope Generator

Quantity: 1 George Mattson’s description: The Quad AD/ASR Envelope Generator consists of 4 identical channels. This is designed as a utility module for basic Envelope utilization. Each channel has an … Read More

Mattson Envelope Generator/VCA

Quantity: 2 Description: Mattson Mini-Modular Envelope Generator Mattson Mini-Modular VCA I combined the Mattson Envelope Generator and VCA modules into one panel.  Here is George Mattson’s description of the Envelope … Read More

Mattson VC Mixer

Quantity: 1 Description:  Mattson Mini-Modular Voltage Controlled Mixer Here is a MOTM-ized Mattson VC Mixer!  From the Mattson website: The VC Mixer consists of 4 channels. Each channel has an … Read More

Mattson Distributor

Quantity: 1 Description: Mattson Mini-Modular Quad Buffer I took Mattson’s DIY Quad Buffer board and added four attenuator pots to turn it into a quad buffered attenuator.  I call it … Read More