Folktek Mescaline

Folktek Mescaline arrived and I have been scoping it out. In this post I’ll describe each of the three parts of Mescaline in detail and describe how they work together.  … Read More

WMD Pro Output Repair

I noticed that the nuts on the 1/4 inch TRS output jacks of my WMD Pro Output module were loose.  These get a lot of use, so I wanted to … Read More

Eowave Weather Drones

I built a pair of Weather Drones!  It is a 24hp complete ‘synth voice’ for Eurorack.  It is only available as a DIY kit.  Weather Drones is composed of a … Read More

Befaco A*B+C

Befaco A*B+C is a dual four-quadrant multiplier with VC offset, a Eurorack utility module with a distinctive design. This unit does an analog multiplication of two signal (A and B) … Read More

Eurorack Quantussy Cells

This diagram shows a generic quantussy cell, as I call it. See What Is The Quantussy for more information. It’s the name of the five oscillator cluster in Peter Blasser’s … Read More

Repackaging Modules

Here’s the result of a light bulb going off in my mind a few days ago.  I have several different cases for Eurorack modules, and I’ve found that patching across … Read More

L-1 Stereo VC Mixer

L-1 Stereo VC Mixer replaces the Verbos Scan & Pan for my output mixer. Features 4 stereo channels with voltage controlled level and panning Voltage controlled sum out level Stereo … Read More

Big Euro Box

Filled up the Synthrotek wood case, 9U x 104hp.  It needed more power than one 4ms Row Power 40, so I added a second.  Row Power 40s can share a … Read More