CGS Serge DC Mixer

The CGS Serge panel had room for one small module, so I added this little mixer.   The simple design provides two attenuated inputs, plus a bias offset pot with a … Read More

CGS Dual CMOS Filters

Quantity: 1 Ken Stone’s Dual CMOS filters, a.k.a. “Twin Wasp” VCF. Here’s a link to Ken’s description of the board. Continuing the squeeze-it-into-1U-with-small-knobs approach, I designed this Front Panel Express … Read More


Quantity: 2 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This is a licensed adaptation of the classic Serge DTG/DUSG The Serge VCS module released in conjunction with from is an extremely … Read More

CGS Super Psycho LFO

Quantity: 1 in a 1U-wide panel From Ken Stone’s website: This module is a much expanded version of the Psycho LFO, featuring six free-running oscillators, each variable between LFO and … Read More

CGS Slope Detectors

Quantity: 2 in one 1U panel From Ken Stone’s website: The slope detector is an event-driven gate/trigger generating device. It monitors a control voltage, and responds according to what that … Read More

CGS-63 Power Supply Delay

I added this board to my portable cabinet that contains a three-voltage power supply.   From the CGS website: The Power Supply Delay is a support module of sorts. Due to … Read More

Catgirl Synth CGS-48 VCO

Quantity: 0 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This VCO started out life as a replacement for the original VCOs in my ’73 Serge, so it replicates a lot of the … Read More

CGS Steiner Synthacon VCF

Quantity: 0 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This module is a “tribute” module, based on the awesome Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF. Those who know me will know I’m not a big … Read More

Dual CGS 65 Tube VCA / Timbral Gate

Quantity: 2 Tube VCA’s in one panel From Ken Stone’s CGS website: This is a tube based Voltage Controlled Amplifier / timbral gate. While this module basically operates as a … Read More

CGS Wave Multiplier

Quantity: 1 From Ken Stone’s CGS website: The idea for this project came from the fabled middle section of the Serge wave multipliers. … The circuit I came up with … Read More