Portable Cabinets Loaded

In preparation for my first performance with the MOTM, I’ve loaded the two portable cabinets.  Here’s what they look like:

A third cabinet holds the Furman power conditioner, the Lexicon MPX-1 Multi-Effects Processor, and the Tascam SS-R1 compact flash recorder.


3 Responses to Portable Cabinets Loaded

  1. John L Rice says:

    Looks beautiful, Richard! Kinda like your big synth gave birth to twins! 😉

  2. michael says:

    im glad you posted this follow to the portable cabinets project. ive been looking at a shallow travel cabinet for my motm and i dont like the pop up cases. i see you arent using a standard motm 900 or 950 ps, but do you know if there would be clearance for one in the back, behind the shallower motm modules? i dont know the depth of the motm power supplies, but i think the average motm module depth is 5 inches. i think maybe it would be better to get a 12″ deep EWI cabinet.

  3. Richard says:

    Hi Michael,
    You could mount a standard MOTM power supply on MOTM rails on the back of the cabinet. The depth of the supply would be about 5 inches, and I don’t think you would have a problem finding modules that would adjoin in front with plenty of clearance, using the 10 inch deep cabinet. A 12 inch cabinet would only add weight and not usable space.

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