BugBrand SYN2B and SYN2BX

The SYN2B is a Quadrature Sine VCO.  It sports a precision 10-turn frequency dial and two FM inputs, 1V/Octave, and an attenuated FM input that is switchable between Exponential and Linear response (or off with switch in center).  The Linear FM is AC coupled.  A second switch selects LFO or normal audio oscillator range.

The four outputs of the SYN2B are sine waves 90 degrees apart in phase.  A very cool LED display uses bi-color LEDS for a visual display of the phase relationships, which are most visible in LFO mode.

The SYN2BX is a Frequency Shifter that’s intended to be driven by two phases of the SYN2B.  The inputs for these are labelled Sin In and Cos In.  At the top of the module are two attenuated signal inputs that mix together.  A Feedback dial with selector switch for source from Up or Down (or off) completes the input mix of In1, In2, and feedback.  This Mix is available as a separate output, in addition to the Down and Up outputs.

Here are more photos of these extremely well-engineered modules.

The calibration procedure for the SYN2BX, so I don’t forget it.

Signal to In1 on full; In2 down; Feedback down; nothing to Sin & Cos

Adjust for minimal feed-through:

i) listen to DOWN – adjust OFSY1
ii) listen to UP – adjust OFSY2

Remove In1 signal & turn down; Attach Sin & Cos from Quadrature VCO

iii) listen to DOWN – adjust OFSX2
iV) listen to UP – adjust OFSX1



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