Blacet StonZ VC Phaser

Blacet StonZ VC PhaserQuantity: 1
Modifications: none

From the Blacet website:

A Classic Sounding OTA Based Phaser with Extensive Voltage Control

  • Four Stage Phaser with Dual Phase Regeneration Switch for “Classic” or Bright Response
  • Input Level Control
  • Voltage Controlled Center Frequency
  • Voltage Controlled Regeneration
  • Built in LFO
  • Voltage Controlled Modulation Depth
  • External Modulation Input and Mixer for LFO/External
  • Dual Out of Phase “Stereo” outputs
  • Very Low Noise Design

Download Blacet’s STONZ BASIC MANUAL.

Here are two more photos of the board and the back showing the unusual mounting bracket.

Blacet StonZ board

Blacet StonZ back


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