Blacet Research VCA 2200 Quad VCA / Mixer

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From the Blacet website:

VCA2200 Voltage Controlled Amplifier/Mixer

  • State of the Art Quad Exponential VCA (100 mV/dB)
  • Ultra Low Noise
  • Ultra Low Distortion
  • 100 dB/ 75 dB Range
  • AC/DC Operation
  • 0-10V CV Range with 0-5V Option
  • Gain and Overdrive/Clipping
  • Separate Voltage Control of any VCA or leave unconnected for unity gain mixer use
  • Quad Mixer/VCA with optional voltage control of any channel. Linear Mix controls
  • Triple Mixer/VCA with separate VCA for final VCA or other use
  • Use any VCA for audio or control voltage processing.
  • Pan/Fade with external normal and inverted CVs.

Download Blacet’s QUAD VCA BASIC MANUAL.


  • Front-Panel-Express MOTM style panel
  • Circuit modified to become two separate 2-into-1 VC mixers
  • 0 to +5V control range.
  • CV connection to control all four (ABCD) two each (AB, CD) or individual (A, B, C, D) channels with one CV.

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