Blacet Research TM2050 Time Machine

Blacet Time Machine panelQuantity: 2

From the Blacet website:

  • Genuine BBD Analog Delay Line Technology for that “retro” sound.
  • Delays From 10 mS to 2 Seconds!
  • Bi-Phase Regeneration for Killer Flanging
  • Voltage Control of Most Parameters:
    1. Delay Time
    2. Regeneration (Feedback)
    3. Modulation Rate (40 S per cycle to 40 Hz)
    4. Modulation Depth
    5. Effect Bypass
  • Reset Input for Modulation Generator for Synchronized Effects
  • Envelope Follower
  • External Modulation Input.
  • Modulation Mixer
  • Dry/Effect Mix
  • Compander Noise Reduction
  • Switched Capacitor Tracking Filters for Wide Delay Range with Optimum Bandwidth
  • Optimized for Audio Signals from 1V to 10V



  • Stooge MOTM style panel
  • Dave Bradley’s modification for adding a manual bypass switch
  • Blacet modification to prevent overloading the audio input

See also Larry Hendry’s Time Machine page.


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