Blacet Research MX2040 Mixer/Processor

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From the Blacet website:

The Blacet MX2040 Mixer/Processor is a DC-coupled mixer suitable for both audio and CV mixing. Each input is center-off with plus and minus phase control. The outputs may be level shifted with a variable +5V to -5V bias control. Two separate sections are included.

The MX is carefully designed for optimum, stable CV mixing as well as low distortion, low noise audio mixing. CV mixing with the unit allows modulating any voltage controlled module with a highly flexible mix of CV sources such as LFO’s, ADSRs, envelope followers, MIDI to CV converters, CV pedals, etc. Audio mixing with the 2040 allows precise phase control of the input signals resulting in strikingly different sounds unavailable with common uni-phase mixers.

Download Blacet’s MIXER BASIC MANUAL.


Front-Panel-Express MOTM style panel

This compact package houses the MX2040 board behind a custom 1U wide MOTM panel. The LEDs are omitted for space. Circuit modified to achieve two 2-input mixers, each with a bias pot. Output CD mixes into the AB mixer if nothing plugged into the CD output, for a 4-input mixer.

Blacet Mixer MOTM-style panel view

Blacet Mixer MOTM-style panel back


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