Blacet Research MW2090 Mini-Wave

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From the Blacet Manual:

The Mini Wave is a wavetable lookup type module that features 256 different waveforms stored in a digital memory arranged as sixteen “Banks” with sixteen “Waves” for each Bank. The selection of Wave and Bank is voltage controlled. Each waveform consists of 256 samples or steps that are output by decoding an input voltage or waveform. Using a sawtooth input wave, the samples are output in sequential order, with the frequency tracking the input signal. Using a more complex input waveform allows for non sequential sample output with a more “distortion box” feel. A slow speed input waveform allows complex envelope or LFO type signals to be output. The Mini Wave can also be used as a quantizer, processing control voltage inputs to only output specific steps of control voltage.



Front-Panel-Express MOTM style panel

  • VC range for 5V sensitivity
  • Added 4-jack multiple, normalled from the Mini-Wave output
  • Hylander expander board with 8 additional PROM sockets
  • 10-position thumbwheel switch for PROM selection added later in the place of the A/B PROM switch


Blacet Original
Davidson Quantizer
Blacet Socket Rocket
Davidson Morphine
Davidson Vector 1
Davidson Vecor 2
PPG Wave 1
PPG Wave 2
PPG Wave 3
Richter New 256

Photos of the back, belatedly added October, 2010.


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