Blacet I/O 2225: Input Amp, Envelope Follower, Gate/Trigger

Blacet Input panelQuantity: 1

From the Blacet website:

External Device Amplifier/Processor

  • DC Coupled X10 thru X500 Amplifier
  • Ultra Low Noise, Distortion, Offset
  • Switchable 100K/470K Input Impedance
  • Input has +5V power for external devices such as pressure sensors, ribbons, pedals, accelerometers, etc. (Switchable on/off, tip or ring; 25 mA)
  • Two Envelope Follower Outputs; both with attenuators, one with lag
  • Gate and Trig Outputs with adjustable threshold
  • Gate Active LED

Connect external devices such as keyboards, guitars, microphones, etc. to your modular. The 2225 amplifies typical line level signals of 1V up to the 10V optimal for your modules. It also amplifies much smaller signals from mikes and guitars up to 500 times. With available 5V out on the stereo 1/4″ jack, you can power external sensors such as a pedal without any extra trouble.

  • Two envelope follower outputs convert signal levels to DC for controlling VCFs, VCAs, MWs etc.
  • Gate and Trigger signals are also extracted from the DC with adjustable threshold or trip points.

Download Blacet’s IO BASIC MANUAL.


This module fits neatly into a 1U MOTM style Front Panel Express panel with the board mounted directly by the pot bushings. I replaced the polyswitchs on the power inputs with ferrite beads. The panel knobs are ALCO PKG50B1/4.

Blacet input back

Blacet input side


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