Blacet Improbability Drive 2510

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From the Blacet website:

Noise and Uncertainty Generator

  • Analog White Noise
  • Digital Noise with VC Level and Width (Window Comparator)
  • BP or LP Filter
  • Noise Mixer
  • Sample Hold Clock
  • External S/H Clock Input
  • Built in Digital S/H & Quantizer
  • Separate White, Digital, S/H, and Quantized Outputs
  • The Level pot and/or the CV jack sets the comparator signal level. Noise is clipped above this level.
  • The Width pot and/or the CV jack sets the signal width or “window” where noise is output.
  • In practice, these controls are best experimented with to produce the best noise character for your application. Almost any noise frequency from near white to occasional clicks and pops can be realized.
  • Frequency Pot, LP/BP Switch: The internal 12 dB filter’s frequency is controlled by the pot. The switch selects a low pass or band pass response.
  • Mix Pot, Filtered Output: The Mix pot allows mixing white and digital noise. This mix is sent into the filter, and the filter output is sent to the Filtered Out.
  • S/H Pot, External Clock Input: The S/H rate is normally clocked by the internal clock. An external clock can also be used. Plugging in an external clock will bypass the internal one.
  • White Noise Output: white noise
  • Digital Noise Output: digital noise
  • Stepped Output: Stepped voltages derived from the filtered noise mix
  • Quantized Output: Stepped voltages derived from the filtered noise mix, quantized to 1V/oct steps

Download Blacet’s ID BASIC MANUAL.


This module fits neatly into a 1U MOTM style Front Panel Express panel with the board mounted directly by the pot bushings. The CV inputs for internal clock and filter frequency were omitted because of panel space. I made some capacitor substitutions and replaced the polyswitchs on the power inputs with ferrite beads. The panel knobs are ALCO PKG50B1/4.

Blacet Improbability Drive back

Blacet Improbability Drive side


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