Blacet Dual State Variable Filter

Quantity: 2

Description:  Blacet Research Model DF2420 manually controlled state variable filters.  Two filters in a single 1U panel.

From the Blacet website:

Two high quality state variable filters in one handy package. Just the ticket for applications where voltage control is not required, such as formant filtering, basic percussion sounds or as a super tone control. Also useful as a clock source in “extreme” feedback mode! Use the filters separately, or with one input feeding both filters (mixed or separate outputs), or with two inputs mixed to one output. No extra mixers needed!

This is the fourth Blacet module that I’ve put into MOTM format this way.  It is very neat and tidy, the board mounting to the panel by the pots.  In a custom Front Panel Express panel.

Download Blacet Basic Manual

Front Panel Express FPD file


4 Responses to Blacet Dual State Variable Filter

  1. loopcycle says:

    this module looks great. do you mind sharing the knob part number? i really like the way those look–thanks!

  2. Richard says:

    The knob is Mouser #506-PKG50B1/4. Quite pricey at $2.28 each. It requires a shim to fit properly on the Panasonic pot shafts of Blacet modules. I use a bit of 1/8-inch diameter wooden dowel, cut to about 1/4-inch in length with one side sanded flat to make it hemispherical. It’s a bit of a trick, but the result is good. Unfortunately, even the small MOTM-style knob like those on the Encore UEG is too big for this application, because of the close spacing of the pots.

  3. Steven Clements says:

    I just ordered the PCB’s and pots with knobs from John. I can’t seem to find the BOM anywhere I would assume that he sends them. Richard this looks great. I was thinking of putting it in a MOTM or style panel… but maybe I’ll stick with Blacet… oh too many options 🙂

  4. Blake says:

    This method you have of modifying the Blacet kits over to the MOTM format is exceptionally smart.

    Wonderful job.

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