Blacet Binary Zone

Quantity: 1

Description: Complex Voltage Generator

From the Blacet website:

  • Built in wide range clock with LED
  • Clock In accepts almost any wave form including audio frequencies
  • Two Clock Outs (one with narrow pulse)
  • Six octave based controls with +/- swings (center off) allow up to 64 step patterns ranging up to +/-10V
  • Four step Lag processor push button
  • Normal and Inverted outs
  • Handy Range Switch (+/-2V, +/-5V, +/-10V)
  • Gate In for external control. (Normalled to run continuously) Also excepts a Reset pulse
  • Use for complex CV generation, audio frequency division, gate generation


Modifications:  Beautiful Stooge Panel

I was lucky to come into posession of an original Stooge panel for the Binary Zone.  I’ve built it exactly as per the panel design, with the MOTM LED and the big, red pushbutton.  I was not able to find center-detent pots of the type needed here, which figure into the mounting of the panel to the bracket.  So, I won’t be able to precisely null out the stages.  I don’t anticipate a problem, though, because, in combination with an external pulse divider, the Reset input can be used to shorten the cycle to just the number of divisions I want.  Here’s a photo of the construction.

I was asked for a Front Panel Express panel equivalent of the Stooge panel for the Binary Zone.

Here it is for download.  Binary Zone FPD Panel

Be aware that the LED hole is 5/16″ for the Lumex LED part that is MOTM standard.  And the hole for the push button is very large, just shy of a half inch diameter.   You can modify these for your LED and push button, if needed.


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