Big Euro Box

Filled up the Synthrotek wood case, 9U x 104hp.  It needed more power than one 4ms Row Power 40, so I added a second.  Row Power 40s can share a DC wall supply by connecting them with a 4ms barrel.  I got one, but found it to be unreliable, becoming intermittent if bumped.  Better approach was to solder the input power across the two, behind the panel.

Some new modules were acquired to fill it out.

Always seeking to emulate the Cocoquantus Quantussy section, with its five VCOs, five VCAs and ten Sample and Holds, I have scoured the eurorack space for small VCOs, S&Hs, and VCAs.  Tromsø was a perfect find.  It combines a wide range VCO/LFO with comparator and a sample and hold in only 5hp.  Plus it’s available as a DIY kit.  Four of these, plus a Sport Modulator (a module reminiscent of the Serge SSG), four additional sample and holds, and four linear VCAs together form the core of another pattern generator that fits in the corner of this big box.

Updated for 2018

As might be expected, I continued to rethink the module set for this big box.

As mentioned in a previous post, I replaced the Verbos Scan & Pan with the L-1 VC Stereo Mixer.

The 2018 setup is described on Modular Grid.


  • Mutable Instruments Tides, Warps, and Shades
  • ALM O/A/x2
  • 2x ALM Pip Slope
  • Make Noise Maths
  • Make Noise ModDemix
  • Meng Qi DPLPG


  • Befaco A*B+C
  • SSF Mixmode
  • Two SSF Mini Slew
  • Mutable Instruments Peaks
  • Synthesis Technology E950 Circuit Bent VCO
  • Dave Smith DSM 03 module for Karplus-Strong synthesis
  • ADDAC LED Voltage Meter



3 Responses to Big Euro Box

  1. John L Rice says:

    Hi Richard,

    System is looking good! I have a similar power setup in my eurorack briefcase now, two 4ms Row Power 40’s, (one is in the lid and one in the tray), with a single brick and it has been working really well.

    I cut off the socket end of a Synthrotek extension cable and soldered it to the underside of the lid supply and ran it underneath the modules with enough slack to reach the tray supply. It has a threaded ring that screws down on the DC input jack for a nice solid connection. If I had a case where both supplies could have been in the same section I would have just done the same thing as you and permanently connected them together.

    I was pondering the extra DC in jacks and was worried that someday a patch cord tip might accidentally find its way into one of them and short the supply. Even if the supply and brick could endure this occasionally, it seemed better to prevent it from happening at all. I found a company that sells nice little covers and now I can wildly patch care free! 😉 They don’t fit quite tight enough for my briefcase since being upside down with mild vibration would cause them to fall out so I put little pieces of heat shrink tubing around them which made them fit a little too tight but I managed to get them in and now they aren’t going to fall out.

  2. Richard says:

    Thanks, John! I ordered a packet of those power covers. I had the same concern with just the single Row Power 40, and had solved it by black tape across the connector. Kind of ugly.

  3. Richard says:

    Post updated to reflect changes to the module set.

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