My banana cabinet is finished! It combines 5U modules, a rack of BugBrand, and my custom CGS Serge panel into one cabinet. Note the vertical alignment between the CGS Serge and the BugBrand.  It’s no accident, because I used BugBrand dimensions for the CGS panel.

The functional combination is excellent, with the BugBrand supplying VCOs and killer modulators (Low Pass Gates, Frequency Shifter, Digital Delay, Bit Crusher) and the CGS Serge supplying controllers for modulation and the unique Serge Wave Multipliers. With 10U width of MOTM-size modules in the top section, I can swap in just about any 5U height module that I need. At the moment the 5U section contains, left to right:

  • CGS Super Psycho LFO
  • CGS Dual Slope Detector
  • Buchla Dual 281 Function Gate
  • CGS Twin CMOS (Wasp) Filter
  • Dual Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer
  • Ciat-Lonbarde Tetrazzi
  • Multiples

It’s a lot stuffed into one luggable cabinet. But current draw is reasonable.  Measured on the +15V side:

  • CGS Serge draws 130 ma
  • BugBrand draws 280 ma
  • 5U modules draw 180 ma (100 ma of that for the Tetrazzi)

That’s 590 ma total on a power supply rated at 800 ma, less than 74% of load.



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