Ancient Greeble Music

I got around to digitizing some cassette tapes of my old bands.  The band called Greeble was the first real band that I played bass in.  Real, meaning played out for money and created a number of original songs.  The group leader, Morey Goldstein, wrote most of the original material and played the Fender Rhodes electric piano, tenor and alto sax, and sang.  His main instrument was tenor sax.  You don’t hear that on this particular recording.  I may post some others.  The other band members were Steve Kurnit on guitar, Rick Strunin on drums, and me on the Fender Precision bass.

This was recorded live on January 18th, 1975, in a bar that we played every Friday night from 10 to 2.  It’s an original instrumental called ‘Cunning Stunt’.



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