Practice for Machines 4

I did a live performance at Local 604 Bottle Shop Machines 4 event.  This is a recording I made the day before while practicing.  I like the practice recording more … Read More

Q-Relative Patch

See this discussion thread on MW.  A user posted an idea called a Q-Relative cell, by which he meant relative to a Quantussy cell.  While it is not a Quantussy … Read More

New Year’s Eve Automatic Music

Automatic music created by a free-running patch, controlled by a seven cycle quantussy ring.  Loquelic Iteritas and Fourses oscillators are heard through Warps.  These three segments followed each other without … Read More

Befaco A*B+C

Befaco A*B+C is a dual four-quadrant multiplier with VC offset, a Eurorack utility module with a distinctive design. This unit does an analog multiplication of two signal (A and B) … Read More

Eurorack Quantussy Cells

This diagram shows a generic quantussy cell, as I call it. See What Is The Quantussy for more information. It’s the name of the five oscillator cluster in Peter Blasser’s … Read More

Ciat-Lonbarde Sidrassi Schematic

Peter Blasser’s Sidrassi circuit was the first incarnation of an evolution of his design for a seven-oscillator organ.  Others have told the story well. Sidrazzi Report The Sidrazzi Project Ciat-Lonbarde … Read More


Improvised with modules arranged in new rack.  Yes, it’s Clouds into Rings! Mostly Mutable Instruments, but with a delay from Black Hole DSP.  

Swoop Spokes Module

In my previous post I mentioned a case idea for the Swoop Spokes PC board. I made it of two pieces of 1/8 inch clear acrylic, which were cut to … Read More

Ciat-Lonbarde Swoop Spokes

The paper circuit, shown above, is the only information that we have that pertains to the Swoop Spokes.  It was a kind of mystery circuit that no one else (that … Read More