Folktek Mescaline

Folktek Mescaline arrived and I have been scoping it out. In this post I’ll describe each of the three parts of Mescaline in detail and describe how they work together.  … Read More

WMD Pro Output Repair

I noticed that the nuts on the 1/4 inch TRS output jacks of my WMD Pro Output module were loose.  These get a lot of use, so I wanted to … Read More

Synthesizer – The Concept

I’ve become disaffected by the way the word ‘synthesizer’ is used in connection with electronic music. The First Synthesizer It was the RCA Mark I. Please read the article linked … Read More

Greeble – The Penguin (1975)

Live recording by the band, Greeble, in 1975.  I played the bass.  Morey Goldstein on tenor sax and Fender Rhodes,  Steve Kurnit on guitar, Rick Strunin on drums, and Ross … Read More

Eowave Weather Drones

I built a pair of Weather Drones!  It is a 24hp complete ‘synth voice’ for Eurorack.  It is only available as a DIY kit.  Weather Drones is composed of a … Read More

Practice for Machines 4

I did a live performance at Local 604 Bottle Shop Machines 4 event.  This is a recording I made the day before while practicing.  I like the practice recording more … Read More

Q-Relative Patch

See this discussion thread on MW.  A user posted an idea called a Q-Relative cell, by which he meant relative to a Quantussy cell.  While it is not a Quantussy … Read More

New Year’s Eve Automatic Music

Automatic music created by a free-running patch, controlled by a seven cycle quantussy ring.  Loquelic Iteritas and Fourses oscillators are heard through Warps.  These three segments followed each other without … Read More

Befaco A*B+C

Befaco A*B+C is a dual four-quadrant multiplier with VC offset, a Eurorack utility module with a distinctive design. This unit does an analog multiplication of two signal (A and B) … Read More