This panel is one of five that comprise a set of modules from CGS.  It contains three different functions: A group of four passive attenuator pots Two CGS VCA modules … Read More

June 2015 House Concert Recordings

We made some recordings on June 22, 2015, at our Brewster House Concerts event. The first recording is Charles Howe’s (Ork Haugr) patch on my MOTM format modular.  Charles developed … Read More


Large CGS Serge Project

I am finally getting around to the assembly phase of this project, which I began to design almost a year ago.  Ken Stone has been producing PC boards by agreement … Read More


Ciat-Lonbard Tocante

Tocante Bistab is my latest instrument acquisition from Ciat-Lonbarde.  Order at SynthMall.  Tocante is yet another masterful creation by Peter Blasser.  It is one of his more pure designs: a … Read More